• Images relating to the fiberglass shell processing
    Images relating to the fiberglass shell processing

Shells in fiberglass

Fiberglass is a specific fibre threaded fabric, impregnated with liquid resins or polyester, often known as GRP from the English “glass reinforced plastic” (GFK in German).

Each individual Autohome roof tent is hand made, top quality. The very expensive resins, combined with various catalysts or accelerators, are all individually spread, using brushes and tail rollers, on the glass fibre fabrics laid beforehand on open molds: when the resins harden, they incorporate the glass fibre matting thus making fiberglass.

A laborious manual process: the specific materials are spread on a mould to get the shell shape, then further reinforcements in Kevlar are inserted in order to protect the Autohome roof top tents on the shell most critical parts.

Extensively used in the building sector, particularly in roof production, as well as industrial and civil coverings, fiberglass is extremely heat tolerant, keeping the internal space isolated (from heat or cold): a desirable feature for any roof tent.

Thanks to the use of fiberglass (as opposed to the common plastics used by Asian producers), Autohome roof tents provide absolute quality, not only in terms of weather resistance and soundproofing, but also in terms of weight and ease of repair in case of accidental damage, thus avoiding the expensive replacement of the entire unit.

The proven material quality of GRP means it’s ideally suited for the marine and vehicle industries, as boats and vehicle bodies require rigidity, strength and material stability…The best motorhomes, lorries and buses for example, with a vehicle body or components in fiberglass are considerably easier to repair than many other materials and composites such as plastic and ABS.

With its excellent lightness and strength, GRP is not only used in the marine sector, but also in the aeronautic industry, in the construction of wind turbines and in the aerospace industry, thanks to its extraordinary resistance to decompression. Autohome roof tents are designed and manufactured using the best materials currently available.

No pretence of reaching the Moon….at least for the time being!

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