Details on carbon fiber

Shells in carbon fiber

The innovative and exclusive production of carbon fiber shells enables us to realize an exceptionally strong, yet lightweight tent.

Carbon fiber is a threaded structure made with highly technological materials called composites, as the fibers are “composed” , i.e. joined together to another element, usually resin. Thousands of fibers are made into strands, which are “woven” into a carbon fibre matting, known as the “reinforcement”. The matting is carefully laid into a mould taking into account the desired shape, strength and finish required. The carbon fibre matting or reinforcement is then bonded with a different element, “the matrix” generally a polymer such as epoxy resin.

This method produces structures of exceptionally high strength to weight ratio – much stronger and approx 20% lighter than traditional GRP shells. Their mechanical resistance (against accidental impact), thermal insulation, resistance to temperature range and weight are also far superior to traditional GRP.

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